Tower Game

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Educational stacking challenge: An all-age game for two players has thirty-two blocks of different dimensions and colours and dice with colours. Roll the dice and pick any block of the colour on the dice. Pile them and make a tower taller than the opponent. Detailed instructions are given in with the game.

Sure to attract children above 4 Years: Suitable for Age 4 and above.

Enjoy learning: Improves coordination and concentration. Develops strategic thinking, planning and analytical skill.

Multiple skill enhancement: Enhances mathematical skill, intellectual, sensorial and motor skill development.

Safe and sturdy make: Made from high-quality plywood and wood, painted with child-safe paints. Edges and corners smoothed for safety.

Supports special needs: Suggested for children having Down Syndrome, Autism or any Learning Disability as prescribed by your therapist.

Right of all: Gender Neutral toy to encourage learning for all.